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Rising Phoenix
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Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15th Day of Silence

      Today marks the Day of Silence (http://www.dayofsilence.org/) an annual event to raise awareness of hate crimes against homosexuals and their families. As you probably guessed, I am participating. I am doing my best to be as silent as possible for the day to represent the cause which I strongly believe in.
     But why do I believe in it? Well, I wasn't raised around any sort of homosexuality. My parents are straight, and so is everyone I know in my family. I wouldn't say anyone in my family has anything against homosexuals they just aren't homosexuals. But anyway, not much exposure as a child. I'm not very religious, I believe in God, but I do not believe very strongly in the Institution of God. I've never picked a specific branch of Christianity although I consider myself more or less Christian. I don't go to church every Sunday or even remotely frequently. I'm a middle class citizen without any bells and whistles you could say. My family brought me up to be polite and my schools exposed me to other races, sexualities, and beliefs. I suppose I was taught in school, mostly in Language Arts classes that equality is the American ideal. Perhaps I was taught that, but I can find no reason to refute it.
        I have argued before about gay marriage. I have shown my support, and wished that people could just let it go. Let go of these superstitions and indignations. COEXIST. That's my goal. I want to coexist with the people of the world. I don't have to always like or support them, I just have to live my life and stop trying to interfere in their way of life. If you want to be against homosexuals, fine, you don't have to support the idea, you just have to let them live their lives and receive all the benefits of being citizens of the United States of America. It just irks me when people refuse to get along. I could argue for hours about it, and get really upset because I can't help but think what if it were me? I'm not a lesbian, but what if I was? This would all be targeted at me for something that I can't even help. It's as bad as racism. It's as bad as the persecution of Jews, although the violence has no where reached that point. Stop the hate, or at least keep it to yourself.

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  1. Oh, Tia! It makes me swoon when I read your writing! Brittany had to catch me (we're in the library together...forever. <3 )! Anyway, I wrote a reply IN CONVERSATION. Ap Lang term. Do you like, yes, yes?




    I write in both now.